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About Mushrooms
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What is a mushroom?


A mushroom is a type of fungus. They vary in appearance with over 10,000 known types. Generally they are distinguished by their stems and have fleshy rounded caps with gills/polypores beneath that produce reproductive spores. 

They have been eaten and used in medicine for thousands of years and have been known for their cleansing and healing properties. Some deliver rich tasty savoury flavours and are used widely by chefs.  Most mushrooms also hold little fat and are low in calories. 

Why are they interesting? 

Well, where do we start!  

Mushrooms are the ONLY produce source of vitamin D. 

This makes them totally unique.

They are closer to us than plants and according to their DNA they can also absorb vitamin D when exposed to UV light sources like our Sun. 

Mushrooms actually breathe and exhale! and have the ability to spawn billions of spores each day.

They are known to treat, heal and cleanse, and have been around long before us and will continue to grow for centuries to come.

We believe all mushrooms are magic !

You can read more about us & our mushrooms here.

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