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Ecological & Sustainability Statement




We are a small, family run independent company who care about our planet. We grow gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. We grow organically, although we are yet to be certified we pride ourselves on growing the best quality mushrooms we can using No chemicals at all.

We are acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment and are always seeking new ways and technologies to reduce our own impact. We will continue to monitor , manage and take appropriate action where necessary.

We also ensure we work with carefully chosen suppliers to minimise our environmental impact during the whole cycle.




We are trying to reduce our footprint on the planet by:



We are proud to have zero wastage. All our spent mushroom blocks are recycled into compost. We also donate them to a community grow CIC company “Newquay Orchard”. We offer them to the public also to put on their compost. Recycling these blocks are vital for the environment, The spent mushroom substrate has all the nutrients, protein and medicinal compounds, useful for growing many crops and even continue to produce mushrooms.

We also minimise all other waste by managing our stock efficiently and only buying what we need.



Our facility runs on electricity, however we would like to switch to renewable energy in the future and are in talks with the farm on how we do this.

We do limit our deliveries to local only and now have a pick-up point available in Newquay.



We recycle everything we can, this including paper, cardboard and any plastics and even our spent mushroom blocks. We reuse our growing bags time and time again to ensure they are also recycled.


Chemical Usage

We certainly don’t need any chemicals to grow our mushrooms, therefore the only chemicals we use are to clean with, so we ensure these are green friendly too.



Anything we can’t source locally to grow our mushrooms come from “soil associated” suppliers ensuring everything is organic from start to finish. However, we try to source everything locally where possible.We make our products as nature intended, so nothing is added to our mushrooms.



We are always considering our carbon footprint as a business, we also remain as conscious as possible regarding our packaging. We find the best packaging for our products are recyclable heat-sealed, reusable bags, paper carrier bags and recyclable glass bottles. We do not use any plastic. We use biodegradable punnet’s for our fresh mushrooms.

For our mushroom powders, we are considering a fill station so people can bring their own bags/jars and refill at the shop rather than buy with packaging,this is still being considered whilst we carry out some consumer research.

We use fully recyclable cardboard boxes for our grow kits.

Mushlove Cornwall.

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