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About Us & Our Mushrooms
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We are a small family run sustainable, low-tech mushroom growing business. We grow the amazing Lions Mane mushroom amongst others such as Reishi, Turkey Tails, Pink & Yellow Oysters, King Oysters, Shiitake to name a few. We are based just outside Newquay and our mission is to give the public easy access to high quality, homegrown mushrooms and medicinal powders.

Mushrooms have been part of our diets for centuries yet many of us still remain clueless to their health benefits and the vast collections of different types and tastes they can provide.

As big mushroom lovers and with a huge interest in Mycology and after lots of research, we decided that we would focus on growing mushrooms that had huge medicinal benefits, starting with Lions Mane.  This soon progressed to  Reishi and continued research led us to discover there are so many great benefits from nearly all mushrooms, not just for physical health, but mental health and even immunity, needless to say we decided to grow more varieties. 

Read more about medicinal fungi here

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